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Why do most people become sleepy after eating lunch? Learn about the link to your circadian rhythm and a few ways to counteract this desire to fall asleep.

Drowsy Driving in the News Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: November 6- 13, 2016. In an effort to reduce the number of fatigue-related crashes and to save lives, the

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Are you ready to be scared out of your mind? Taking the tale of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow to its darkest extremes, man’s Hollow returns for 15 terrifying

A survey of sleep-deprived teens finds they think that a later start time for college and tests given later in the college day would result in better grades. The survey

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To advance the art and craft of writing by encouraging writers and readers at all levels to participate in and enjoy the literary arts.

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Dec 01, 2016 · Sleep deprivation – What most parents, teachers, and college administrators think of as just part of being a teenager, Rand Corporation sleep scientist

“Sleepy Sloth” Experience. At a Glance. Time: 3:30 PM. Offered Thursday-Tuesday. Duration: 20-30 minutes. Age Interest: All ages welcome! Participants 15 and under

contents the legend of sleepy hollow postscript list of illustrations view in sleepy hollow [from sketch by j. h. hill] w m. hart ichabod’s evening w alk oertell

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Helpless teens knocked unconscious. Head Knock outs, sleeping powders, spells, and hypnosis

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“Making teens start college in the morning is ‘cruel,’ brain doctor claims.” So declared a British newspaper headline in 2007 after a talk I gave at an

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