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shanked, shank. orgin: prison slang shanked: to be stabbed with a homemade knife. made out of scrap of metal found anywhere and sharpend like a knife. and bottom

In a lawsuit filed in New York State Court on 11/22/16, captioned Corcoran v. Siebert Cisneros Shank Co LLC et a (Index No. 159868/2016), plaintiff asserts that “[h

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Feb 04, 2010 · – is an official supporter of this movie & this trailer has been given to me by the director of the film. make sure you go out

A love dart (also known as a gypsobelum) is a sharp, calcareous or chitinous dart which some hermaphroditic land snails and slugs create. Love darts are made in

A closeted teenage street punk takes up with the latest roughed-up gay victim of his bullying gang, which does not set well with the gang’s drugged-up, manly leader.

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Directed by Mo Ali. With Kedar Williams-Stirling, Adam Deacon, Ashley Thomas, Michael Socha. An action film for the youth generation, set in a decaying future London.

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Milwaukee’s showcase live music venue since 1989.

It’s a great comeback. But that doesn’t change the fact Clarke hit arguably the worst shot of the first round, a full shank on an attempted flop shot on the 14th hole.

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The act of stabbing someone with a shank. Comes from the word shank which is a crude knife usually made in prison, a homemade knife-like weapon usually made from a spoon.

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