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The BEST Russian Swear Words! A Definitive Guide & Comprehensive List of Russian Slang, Expletives, Curse Expressions & Profanities & How To Pronounce Them!

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As you know, slang is a very important part of our day-to-day communication. If we feel comfortable with the person we are communicating, we could throw a slang word

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Russian Federation definition, a republic extending from E Europe to N and W Asia. 6,593,000 sq. mi. (17,076,000 sq. km). See more.

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Dictionaries. Словарь Мультитран Приблизительно 250.000 слов и фраз по разным языкам. Полезно

Today you will learn a few basic Russian expressions: how to say “hi”, “bye”, “thank you”, “please” and “you are welcome” in Russian

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Below are some typically used Russian phrases with phonetic transcriptions and audio. There are two other sections on useful everyday phrases and calling Russia.

Common Russian phrases. Basic Russian words. Russian words for yes, no, excuse me, please, thank you, she, he, etc.

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Nadsat is a fictional register or argot used by the teenagers in Anthony Burgess’s novel A Clockwork Orange. In addition to being a novelist, Burgess was a linguist

Russian (Russian: ру́сский язы́к, tr. russkiy yazik) is an East Slavic language and an official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and

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One of the biggest challenges in learning another language is figuring out what a word or a sentence sounds like. Sure, there are pronunciation guides, but even very

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