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Foam Replacement is your source for replacement cushions, sofa cushions, boat cushions and fillers for mattresses. Choose indoor or outdoor cushion foam for your

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Knowing how to glue a zipper into a latex garment is a must for a latex crafter. I already received a lot of emails from my readers on this subject. So here you

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Learn what to look for when buying a latex mattress – is it natural or blended latex? Avoid getting ripped off. Ask these 7 questions.

Check out the deal on Dunlop Latex Foam Mattresses – 6″ at Foam Factory, Inc.

Most of the tile cement makers do a two part cement containing lots of latex and the like that’s formulated specifically for tiling over plywood on floors etc.

If you’re new to tubular tires, don’t make the beginners’ mistake of carrying a spare tire and a tube of glue, planning to glue your spare

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Make your own lures! Mold & Cast custom lures using Alumilite’s silicone rubber and urethane casting resins. Make soft baits, hard baits, & even topwater lures

Offering a complete line of Potdevin Machine Co. gluing machines up to 60 inches wide, laminating presses up to 84 inches wide. Potdevin has been manufacturing

Tubular Tire Gluing (Sew Up) This article will discuss the mounting and gluing of tubular tires. The tubular tire is made from a tire casing that is then sewn around

Your easy guide to make your own latex clothes. Learn all about materials, tools and techniques needed to start making your own latex clothing

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